From initial prospecting and feasibility assessment through construction, testing, and operation, we provide a variety of services to help projects advance and succeed. In the early stages, we are engaged in resource measurement and feasibility assessments. We can assist developers in meeting the legal, technical, regulatory and financial requirements to achieve financial closure of their projects. We prepare the technical specification of the solar and wind plants to meet project requirements. We review local and international laws, codes and practices related to the project to ensure that the project is compliant. We support the tendering and evaluation of contractor’s proposals and construction documents, selection of contractors and suppliers, design review, and supervision of implementation. During construction, we supervise the contractors on behalf of the owners to ensure that they follow the project specifications and supply the necessary expertize to fill any gaps in the project resources.

We supervise performance testing to help ensure that projects meet their performance test requirements. After commercial operation, we support clients in the monitoring and operation of their assets to help achieve the desired return on investment.

Our Services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Turn-key Solar and Wind Resource Measurement Campaigns
  • Site selection
  • Project specification
  • Competitive tendering
  • Negotiation of PPA, contracts, and support in response to regulators and lenders
  • Grid code compliance
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning supervision
  • Performance and Power Curve Measurement
  • Performance testing
  • O&M monitoring
  • Environmental and Social Compliance
  • Project Due Diligence

Our Clients: