Who are we

We are a diverse, multinational group of experienced mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineers and environmental professionals working to support the development of the power sector and general infrastructure projects in the developing world.

Driven by the falling price of renewable energy, the global transition to cleaner and more sustainable power generation is underway. We seek to aid and hasten that transition in the developing world.

Who we serve

We provide our services to those who plan, build, finance, own, or operate power generation and transmission infrastructure. We provide our environmental and social compliance services to the developers and financiers of general infrastructure projects. We have worked with governments, national utilities, international financial institutions, development agencies, private banks, and private developers.

What we do

We provide technical consulting, resource measurement, and environmental and social compliance to power generation and transmission projects.

Our technical consulting team provides owner’s, lender’s, and independent engineer services to wind, solar, gas and small hydropower plants. We are engaged in the entire process, from early feasibility studies, through to financial closure, construction supervision, commissioning, performance testing and witnessing, and operations monitoring.

Our resource measurement team supplies, installs and operates meteorological stations in common as well as remote and harsh environments. We conduct full-service wind and solar measurement campaigns to deliver high-quality wind and solar data to our clients.

Our environmental and social compliance team provides services to power and general infrastructure projects to help financiers and developers implement their projects to global environmental and social standards.