About the Job

We are a consulting and field services firm for renewable energy and infrastructure projects. As a service-based organization, we rely on our people to produce the services we sell. We provide our services to global clientele. One of biggest challenges is finding the people who have the skill and interest in providing service at a world-class level, and providing them with the training they need to accomplish that.

Your goal is to overcome that challenge.

A good candidate would find the people we need and make us the kind of place they want to work.

A great candidate would make us an outstanding place to work and find the candidates who belong in such a place.

We hire everyone from site technicians to senior consultants and most roles in between.

The ideal candidate spends their days thinking of ways and places to find the talent and how to recruit, assess, filter and hire them. The ideal candidate enjoys evaluating people, finding and devising tests (written, real-life, of every kind) to determine whether someone is a good match for us.

Key job functions:

  • Finding well qualified people who fit within our organization
  • Establishing a training programs
  • Providing career guidance and counseling to our staff
  • Following up on routine evaluations
  • Supervising our compliance with internal HR procedures


  • Bachelor’s degree


  • At least 5 years of professional experience, not necessarily of HR experience (perhaps preferably not HR experience)


Knowledge and Competencies:

  • A genuine interest in finding and assessing people
  • A genuine interest in helping people develop
  • Functional English

We recognize that sometimes the best people for a job do not have the experience or qualifications we expect. Exceptionally motivated candidates are encouraged to apply irrespective of background or experience and tell us why they think they are appropriate for this role. We consider every serious application seriously.