About the position

We are looking for someone to help us prepare high-quality proposals, that are priced competitively, responsive to clients’ requests and are submitted on time. The proposal preparer is also responsible for keeping all proposal materials organized and up to date to facilitate the fast, easy and accurate preparation and tracking of proposals. The proposal preparer follows up on proposals we have submitted and periodically produces win loss reports.

Job Objective: To efficiently produce high-quality proposals on time

Key job functions:

  • Read clients’ requests for proposals and produce relevant and compliant proposals
  • Work with business development team and project managers to understand client needs and framework to prepare proposals accordingly
  • Prepare summaries of requests for proposals, including project description, project location, list of required tasks, list of equipment, list of services and list of responsibilities
  • Prepare proposal support materials as required (datasheets, drawings, project time schedule, and pre-qualification documents)
  • Prepare an initial cost estimation, coordinate with proposal and project managers to revise it and finalize it into competitive financial proposal
  • Prepare and maintain an up-to-date database of projects references and pre-qualification documents
  • Create and maintain an up-to-date database of equipment and service prices, logistics cost, and projects expenses
  • Request quotations from suppliers and use them in updating pricelists database
  • Represent the company in meetings and communication with clients during proposal preparation (if requested by business development team and project managers)

Basic requirements

We expect that a successful candidate will:

  • have a bachelor’s degree in some field (not necessarily engineering)
  • be fluent in written English (virtually all of our proposals and the requests we receive are in English)
  • be able to understand technical material at least at the level of the functions of various products and components (you don’t need to be an engineer – but you have to be able to understand how components go together to make a system)
  • be comfortable using programs like Microsoft Word and Excel.


In addition to the basic requirements, we expect that a successful candidate:

  • is attentive to details
  • is well-organized
  • has good comprehension skills – is able to read a document and understand (even if it’s not always very clearly or directly stated) or imagine what the writer wants or intends
  • enjoys finding non-obvious ways to give their proposal an advantage over others
  • enjoys the bidding aspect of preparing proposals and is curious to see which proposals are won and which are lost and why
  • is comfortable producing work to a fixed schedule.


Help us, and help yourself

These are some things we will use to try to identify good candidates. Maybe they can help you identify if this is the job for you

  • Does it bother you when you receive a document with spelling errors, linguistic errors or poor formatting?
  • Are you disappointed when something you have to submit doesn’t go out on time?
  • Do you often have to ask questions to get people to give you the clarity or detail you want?
  • Do you (at least try) to finish things early so you have time to review?
  • If you finish something, then the deadline is extended, would you go back and review it again?
  • Are you able to work in an environment where there is always something due?
  • Are you well-organized such that it’s rare for you to spend time looking for things because they’re misplaced?
  • When you submit an application, offer, or proposal, whether it’s accepted or rejected, do you try to learn the reason?

If you answered yes to most or all of the questions, this position might be for you. If you answered no to more than one or two questions this position is probably not for you.


To apply for this position please have a well-written cover letter and curriculum vitae attached to the form below.

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A final note:

The best people in any position sometimes don’t fit the description we expect. If you think you would do well in this position, please write to us and tell us why even if you don’t fit the description we have imagined.