About the position

Our work is based on our relationships. Our business developers are the front of our organization and the link between our organization and the general market.

Job Objective: To find potential clients, and develop and maintain relationships with these clients that ensure we can serve their needs in such a way that we are their preferred solution provider; To be aware of our general market such that you see the opportunities where we may provide a service. A good business developer will be known by and like by everyone (or most) in our potential markets.

Job Post: Cairo, with occasional travel


Key job functions:

  • Develop and maintain relationships with clients and potential clients
  • Understand our business and the details of what we do

Basic requirements

We expect that a successful candidate will:

  • have a bachelor’s degree in some field;
  • have worked in an international organization deal with an international team.


In addition to the basic requirements, we expect that a successful candidate:

  • is personable and genuinely enjoys dealing with people;
  • has excellent communication skills;
  • is motivated by closing a deal – but will not do anything that could threaten a longterm relationship to do it;
  • is fundamentally honest and does not see selling as permission to say something they would not otherwise;
  • Is able to work under pressure.


Help us, and help yourself

These are some things we will use to try to identify good candidates. Maybe they can help you identify if this is the job for you

  • When was the last time you developed a relationship with someone?
  • How many times do you think you should follow up with a client?
  • Have you recently seen something done inefficiently that you wished would be done more efficiently?
  • Do you consider that it is acceptable to say things that are not true when selling to a client?

If you answered yes to most or all of the questions, this position might be for you. If you answered no to more than one or two questions this position is probably not for you.


To apply for this position please have a well-written cover letter and curriculum vitae attached to the form below.


A final note:

The best people in any position sometimes don’t fit the description we expect. If you think you would do well in this position, please write to us and tell us why even if you don’t fit the description we have imagined.