Our environmental and social services group helps a diverse range of general infrastructure, power generation, and industrial projects comply with IFC Environmental and Social Performance Standards and EQUATOR principals. We have worked with projects from oil refineries, to road, rail, and maritime transport, to industrial manufacturing and processing, to power generation.

Our aim is always the same: to eliminate, minimize, and mitigate environmental and social impacts. We aim to ensure that projects are implemented and operate smoothly and that they benefit the local communities which they impact. The cost of active environmental and social compliance is typically very small, but the return on investment in terms of smooth projects that achieve long-term benefits is typically very large. Our projects are almost always in developing countries where relatively large positive impacts can be achieved against a relatively small, focused effort on ensuring the projects achieve their social and environmental potential.

We are happy always happy to discuss the type of project you may have, and how we may be able to help.

Successful environmental and social management planning is a key factor in the successful implementation and sustainable operation of projects. We offer a comprehensive approach to identify and manage the potential environmental and social risks linked to our client’s investments, to ensure that the project meets the required international requirements and standards and to build stronger relationships with stakeholders.

Our team advises on the development of Environmental and Social Action Plans (ESAP), Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP), Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR).

Our environmental and social compliance group helps project owners and financiers ensure that their projects are compliant with international environmental and social standards, such as the IFC Performance Standard, and EQUATOR Principles.

We offer the following services:

  • Environmental and social compliance with IFC Performance Standard and EQUATOR Principles;
  • Identifying best practices to avoid or minimize the risk of environmental and social impacts of the investment;
  • Engagement with communities and relevant stakeholders to introduce the project, to manage expectations and to reconcile varying points of view;
  • Support for the development of key performance indicators, monitoring, verification
  • Preparation of annual environmental and social reporting to meet compliance requirements or for internal purposes.