We support our clients throughout the entire project lifecycle, from early stage feasibility studies through to commissioning and performance test witnessing.

From proper installation and alignment of instruments to proper measurement and recording of data we put extreme care into ensuring the error in measurement is as little as possible. We understand that errors at the stage of solar resource assessment will propagate through the project and be with you to the end of the project lift.

We provide comprehensive resource measurement campaigns routinely with data recovery rates above 95%. We offer services to continually monitor your resource measurement to ensure that it is on track. We provide a bankable installation report for every installation. Our installation report has been accepted by major international financiers. We use industry-standard pyranometers, pyrheliometers, and solar tracking devices.

We often have equipment in-stock and ready to deploy, meaning your resource project can start with minimal delay.

We provide detailed feasibility assessments for your solar project to help reduce development and planning risks and costs. Our studies have been used to help finance major projects by international financiers.

The following services are provided as part of a bankable feasibility study:

Solar resource assessment;
Site evaluation;
Conceptual design;
Yield estimation;
Technologies study;
Evaluation of project constraints;
Grid interconnection study;
Financial and economic analysis.

As owner’s engineer, we work with developers to help ensure success of the project. We can assist with the specification of the solar plant, tendering and evaluation of contractor’s proposals and construction documents, selection of contractors and suppliers, and supervision of implementation. During construction, we supervise the contractors on behalf of the owners to ensure that they follow the project specifications and supply the necessary expertize to fill any gaps in the project resources.

We review local and international laws, codes and practices related to the project to ensure that the project is compliant. We assess, evaluate, and provide recommendations on the following:

Site selection;
Project specification;
Competitive tendering;
Negotiation of PPA, contracts, and support in response to regulators and lenders;
Grid code compliance;
Construction supervision;
Commissioning supervision;
Performance testing;
O&M monitoring;
Environmental and social compliance.

As Lender’s engineers, we support lenders in making investment decisions pre-financial close and provide them with technical assessments and due diligence services to minimize the risks throughout the lifetime of their investments. We review project documents including EPC Contracts, Power Purchase Agreements, Off-take Agreements, O&M Agreements, and technical designs of projects.

As Lender’s engineer, we provide the following services:

Technical, economic, and environmental due diligence;
Review of engineering design;
Site visit and site selection analysis;
Evaluation of resource measurement equipment and assessment;
Evaluation of grid interconnection;
Review of local permitting and authorization with grid operator;
Review of plant equipment and O&M;
Construction monitoring;
Review environmental and social plans, and supervision of their implementation.

Missing information

We provide technical, financial, environmental and social due diligence services on behalf of investors, lenders, and as independent consultants. We have provided due diligence services for solar projects at all stages, from pre-financial close to operation. Our work includes auditing and reporting on the technical risks of wind projects. We assess the project design, documents, and site to identify critical gaps and compliance issues. We provide clients with recommendations on the ways to bridge the gaps between the project status and requirements to meet project performance, local regulations, international standards, and best engineering practices.

Through several stages of your solar project testing is an important, value-adding, part of the project. Testing helps ensure that modules received on-site are free of defects from transport.


It is just as important to test the performance of the modules over time and ensuring that the performance meets the expectations. These are some of the tests we can offer:

Current-voltage curve tracing;
Infrared thermography;
Insulation and resistance testing.

Once a solar plant is commissioned, it is important to monitor its performance to ensure the efficiency, reliability, safety, and stability of the plant.

Monitoring systems guide the plant operator to detect the failures in the PV plant. Failures in system operation include:

  • Module failure;
  • Inverter outage;
  • Power loss;
  • Cables damage.

Early detection and diagnosis of such failures through an efficient performance monitoring systems helps to improve the plant performance, detect failures within warranty, and minimize costly repairs later.

Firnas Shuman provides complete construction and commissioning supervision for solar plants. We have supervised construction and commissioning for some of the largest plants in the Middle East and North Africa. From initial ground leveling to civil, mechanical and electrical works, our experienced site personnel ensures that projects are built to international standards of practice.

As with any project, wind energy projects may have adverse environmental or social impacts. Such impacts can sometimes bring the project into conflict with local communities which can delay or derail projects.

We help to identify and assess potential impacts and recommend mitigation measures early to help projects meet regulatory requirements, engage key stakeholders, meet financier’s requirements, and stay on-track.