About the position

Logistics coordinators ensure the efficient and cost-effective transition of goods from one location to another, their storage and management until they are installed.

Job Objective: To ensure that goods are where they need to be, when they need to be, in the most cost-effective manner.


Key job functions:

  • Overseeing all logistics operations.
  • Organizing and customs, importation, storage, transportation.
  • Analyzing and optimizing logistical procedures.
  • Ensuring the safe and timely pick-up and delivery of shipments.
  • Monitoring shipments, costs, timelines, and productivity.
  • Addressing and resolving shipment and inventory issues.
  • Liaising and negotiating with suppliers and retailers.
  • Corresponding with clients and partners.

Basic requirements

We expect that a successful candidate will:

  • have a bachelor’s degree in some field (not necessarily logistics or supply chain);
  • have 3 years’ experience in logistics or more, in an international context;
  • understand well things such as port operations, HS Codes, Incoterms, shipping lines, importation processes, etc.;
  • be fluent in written English;
  • have very good communication skills;
  • be able to understand our business processes and the services we provide;
  • be comfortable using programs like Microsoft Office;


In addition to the basic requirements, we expect that a successful candidate:

  • is attentive to details;
  • is able to follow several open subjects simultaneously and know what happens in each;
  • is well organized;
  • is conscientious;
  • is comfortable to interact with people in multiple countries and enjoys helping them;
  • is able to adapt to constantly shifting schedules and project requirements.


Help us, and help yourself

These are some things we will use to try to identify good candidates. Maybe they can help you identify if this is the job for you

  • Do you look at a map before you ship goods?
  • Do you often have to ask questions to get people to give you the clarity or detail you want?
  • Do you feel frustrated when some things are not as they should be?
  • Do you often question the information you receive and try to verify it before passing to others?
  • When you submit an application or offer, whether it’s accepted or rejected, do you try to learn the reason?

If you answered yes to most or all of the questions, this position might be for you. If you answered no to more than one or two questions this position is probably not for you.


To apply for this position please have a well-written cover letter and curriculum vitae attached to the form below. Applications without the cover letter will not be considered.


A final note:

The best people in any position sometimes don’t fit the description we expect. If you think you would do well in this position, please write to us and tell us why even if you don’t fit the description we have imagined.